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Local Bus Services in Welton

Welton is served by three routes, the nos. 11 and 12 to Lincoln, for which the village is the terminus, and the InterConnect no. 53 service from Lincoln to Market Rasen and Grimsby.  Stagecoach operates these public bus services, although other companies are also involved in providing school transport.  There is no Sunday service.

The no. 11 has a couple of isolated early runs, starting at 6.36am, then settles down to leaving at 16 minutes past the hour from Welton Green, going through Dunholme, Scothern and Nettleham before joining the A46 and heading into Lincoln.  To return, it leaves Lincoln Bus Station from Stand C at 20 minutes past the hour, the last going at 6.20pm.  The no. 12 is initially a school bus, becoming a public service at 8.56 am, leaving Welton Green at those minutes past each hour.  This bus also goes through Dunholme but then joins the A46 and heads straight into Lincoln, returning from the bus station at 50 minutes past the hour, again from Stand C.  Both buses stop at Eastgate, opposite the cathedral, then go down Lindum Hill and stop on Broadgate before arriving at the station.  Please note they no longer stop on Silver Street on the return journey, going straight up Lindum Hill from the station before turning left up Pottergate and stopping first next to the Lincoln Hotel.  The last bus to Lincoln is at 6.56pm.

The no.53 is an hourly bus travelling between Lincoln and Market Rasen with a connecting or through service to Grimsby on many, but not all, journeys.  It leaves Lincoln Bus Station from Stand I at 40 minutes past the hour, apart from the first two trips of the day, stopping at Welton Green at 07 minutes past each hour.  Coming from Market Rasen, the service leaves at 35 minutes past the hour, reaches Welton at 56 minutes past, then carries on to arrive at Lincoln Bus Station at 27 minutes past each hour.  Although this route takes slightly longer to get into Lincoln, it is particularly useful as it stops outside the County Hospital on Greetwell Road, going via Outer Circle Road.  Leaving Lincoln Bus Station, it goes all the way up Lindum Hill and onto Wragby Road before turning down Greetwell Road.

Whilst the above is generally how the buses operate through the day, be aware that the timetable varies around school arrival and leaving times, as all incorporate picking up schoolchildren.  The nos. 11 and 12 become school buses so there is no service into Lincoln between 2.56pm and 4.31pm (no. 11) and 5.11 (no.12) before returning to the usual pattern of journeys.  Buses from Lincoln Station over this period continue as usual until the no.12  leaving at 4.05 and the no. 11 at 6.35, after which they revert to the usual 50 and 20 mins. pattern.

Single and return fares are available, as well as a Day Out ticket which allows unlimited travel throughout the county for a day.  Alternatively, there is the Megarider Plus which enables unlimited travel for a week, but only within a designated perimeter around Lincoln, for example Welton to Waddington or Skellingthorpe.  Senior citizens enjoy free travel providing they have an up-to-date bus pass.

Local Stagecoach information: 0845 605 0 605



Travel Shop: Lincoln Bus Station

Monday-Thursday 8.30am-5.00pm, Friday 8.30am-4.00pm.

Disability helpdesk: 01522 580 515

County Transport

The Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) has recently launched a new Transport website . This provides more extensive information including an online interactive map, which shows both bus routes and timetables throughout the county. It also has links to rail information, operators’ contact details, Lincolnshire Tourism and much more. It is a brilliant aid which makes people aware of the potential journeys they could make using public transport.